5 Reasons To Get A New Website

Need to boost your online marketing? Getting a new website will do just that. Get ready to increase your revenue by using business intelligence and advertising techniques for the following reasons:

1. Convert Internet Searches to Customers

Ever notice how often you and the people you know use mobile technology to look up information about products and services? Well, a new website will make the same technology work for you and your business with a modern, mobile-friendly website that is properly optimized with the latest standards for Search Engines like Google and Bing. This means, when someone looks up information about the services and/or products you offer, they will find your company and venture further into making a purchase. Happy customer, and more revenue!

2. Launch an Online Service or Department

Looking for yet more revenue for your business? How about launching an online service, department, or an entire division of your company? Many businesses are now launching automated services online to produce goods and products previously only available in a store or through a salesperson. Not only does this approach reduce operating costs, but it also expands your availability of services from the local vicinity to the global scale with operating hours 24/7. Think of how much this will increase your customer base!

3. Develop Business Intelligence using Data Analytics

Ever wonder about what visitors are searching for, and what they actually buy? One of the most practical aspects of a new website is the ability to leverage the true power of user data and analytics to develop Business Intelligence. With a new website, you will be able to log visitor searches and track customer purchases like never before. Business Intelligence not only helps your company form a user-friendly path to attract both new and returning customers; the full function of analytics is when it acts as a catalyst for your business to adapt to changing customer trends, thus expanding your company to better provide goods and services to more customers.

4. Don’t Fall Behind the Trend and Lose Customers

Let’s revisit the benefits of getting a new mobile-friendly website. The fact is over 50% of online traffic now comes from mobile devices 1, and that number has increased by more than 20% in the last two years, so you should certainly expect the majority of users looking for your company will be using a mobile device. It’s Advertising 101: You will be losing, not gaining, customers with an outdated or non-existent website. This is why getting a responsive and mobile-ready website is important.

5. Encourage Customer Loyalty with Purpose

Do you pay attention to how potential customers view your company? If not, your targeted audience may be getting away from you. A new website not only gives your company a fresh look and appeal; it also allows you to tell the story, emphasis the mission, and provide encouraging information about everything involved in the Who, How, and Why of your business. Today, customers want to make a meaningful purchase and establishing a working relationship with companies that match their personal goals. A new website gives you the opportunity to show them that your business, products, and services are the right ones to stick with.