Non-profits & Websites Go Hand In Hand

You can get creative & strategic in building a website that helps your organization reach its goals. There are a few key elements that work well for non-profit sites that if implemented correctly & strategically, can be cost effective & produce results. Here is a quick list brought to you by Program Manager & Digital Strategist, Melissa:⠀

  • Creative & Engaging Branding ⠀
  • Strong UX
  • Sign Up for News Alerts
  • Intuitive Calendar of Events
  • Secure online forms for Volunteering, Donations, Ticket Purchases
  • Social Media Integration
  • Performance Analytics⠀

There are other sophisticated tools that will take your website to the next level. Those include ArcGIS interactive maps, CRM integration, Data Management and online Interactive Resource Kits. We can help you with all these. We hope you found this hopeful. To continue the conversation, message us or call ‪210.364.1661. Here’s to all the non-profits that help our communities. We look forward to hearing from you!