To Update Or Not To Update…

Updating your Content Management System and it’s widgets (modules) is important. However, with so many roll outs, should you update every time? Here are some quick things to consider directly from our Senior Tech Lead Carlos.

When it comes to updating widgets you don’t want to automatically hit the “update” button. Consider the following:

  1. Check compatibility with host operating system.
    For example, if the version of PHP is not up-to-date, updating your widget to the latest may cause it to break.
  2. Try to update incrementally.
    You may encounter unforeseen issues if you avoid upgrading until the next major version of the widget is released.
  3. Make sure the latest widget version is compatible with your CMS version.
    Upgrading your widget to the latest and greatest without keeping your CMS version current could introduce errors.
  4. Always backup your content and database before upgrading anything related to your CMS.

Routinely checking for updates is important for the performance and security of your website. If you still have questions or would like to further discuss email us at! Have a great week!